3 Bagatelles from OPUS 2

Cello and Piano (2013)

5 pieces with a total duration of ca. 5 Minutes
Dedicated to Juan Sebastian Delgado and Redi Llupa

NOTES The 3 Bagatelles for Cello and Piano borrow and distill the last piece of my Opus 2 for Chamber Orchestra. A clear similarity to Schoenberg’s and Webern’s early atonal period cheapens these pieces (by no means undesirable), thus giving the work its title. Since my intention was not to imitate/reference/allude, I must attribute this resemblance to a frustrated and burdened unconscious state. Only later was I able to recognize that through the unintentional and dangerous ‘exorcism’ something of my own has barely survived.

In any case, no homage has been paid; as I entered a “plastic” museum, I never glanced at anything but my own distortions.

Kourtney Newton & Ted Powell performing @
Voertman Hall, Denton USA — Apr 24 2017,  8pm

Dorina Laro & Merita Rexha Tërshana @
Balkan Contemporary Music Festival, Tirana ALBANIA — Nov 15 2016,  8pm

Juan Sebastian Delgado & Redi Llupa performing @
Clarke Recital Hall, Miami USA — Feb 8 2015,  8pm