Solo Piano (2014)

Four pieces with a total duration of ca. 30 Minutes. Dedicated to Małgorzata Walentynowicz. The first two pieces can be performed separately.

NOTES I. and II. are opposites that stem from an identical material. III. is their synthesis as well as an opening into a quotational world. IV. is partly a consequence and partly an origin.

Having foolishly interpreted in the past J.L.Borges’ “Pierre Menard the Author of Don Quixote” as a clever post-modern example, I had to attempt something similar myself in order to experience its more serious weight, and to discard first-hand any ironical interpretation of both Borges’ story and my Opus 4 – note: irony, not lightness! I would like to highlight two similarities (taken from the story) and one difference among Menard-Borges and myself, chosen among a multitude of others:

1. «Two texts of differing value inspired Menard’s undertaking. One was that philological fragment (number 2005 in the Dresden edition) in which Novalis outlines the notion of total identification with a particular author.»
2. «Pierre Menard was not out to write another Don Quixote – which would have been easy – but Don Quixote itself. Needless to add, he never envisaged a mindless transcription of the original; it was not his intention to copy it. His ambition, an admirable one, was to produce a handful of pages that matched word for word and line for line those of Miguel de Cervantes.» (trans. N.T. di Giovanni)

The difference is that I have gone further than Menard’s mysterious reconstruction: Composing A.Scriabin’s 10th Sonata as IV. was not my summum bonum, but as equally important as inventing its preceding antecedent-consequent trajectory.

Redi Llupa performing “2 pieces from Op. 4” @

  • Performing Arts Center, Kansas USA — March 11, 2022

Kristina Petrollari performing “No.1 from opus 4” @

  • Pianodrom International Festival, Tirana ALBANIA — Nov 24, 2021

Yumi Suehiro performing “No.1 from Op.4” @

  • MiseEn Place Bushwick, NY USA — May 3 2019


Małgorzata Walentynowicz performing Op.4 Premiere @

  • Voertman Hall, Denton USA  — Mar 22 2017
    YouTube Link
  • Clarke Recital Hall, Miami USA — Mar 25 2017
  • Bird Recital Hall, Louisville USA — Mar 27 2017


Jonida Lazellari performing “No.1 from Op.4” @

  • Pianodrom International Festival, Tirana ALBANIA— Dec 17 2015

Afërdita Bufaj performing “No.1 from Op.4” @

  • Pianodrom International Festival, Tirana ALBANIA— Nov 15 2014

Bosendorfer CEUS performing “No.1+2 from Op.4” Mech. Ver. @

  • MEIT, Denton USA— Mar 24 2014