Since 2015, I have served as director of the Score Follower organization, a leading online new music resource. Score Follower makes videos of contemporary music scores that turn pages along with the accompanying recordings. You can find our videos on our YouTube channels: Score Follower and Incipitsify. We also help build the new music community through social media like YouTube, our Discord server, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon. Our activities encourage exposure for new music composers, performers, publishers, and recording labels alike, through a meeting place on the internet that is accessible to all.

Score Follower strives to provide access to contemporary music for all. Through our activities, we also aim to strengthen, diversify, and connect our musical community. Our dedication to others in the field motivates our commitment to procuring legally obtained scores and recordings. By respecting our community and representing our field as well as we can, Score Follower aims to be a new kind of informatin resource and center for the online community.